System Integration

System Integration
Complex enterprise IT infrastructures consist of a myriad of home-grown and commercial applications running on multiple computing platforms. It is increasingly difficult to maintain the effectiveness of a growing number of processes, applications, databases, documents and proliferating relationships with external partners.
The lack of systems integration impedes enterprise response to changing business needs, requires manual intervention in "automated" business processes, hides meaningful information in data inconsistencies across disparate databases, and increases operational costs. A typical consequence is lower flexibility in implementing new products and services, more problematic acquisition of relevant data on the enterprise productivity and declining effectiveness.

Through Systems Integration the optimum operation of processes, applications, databases and relationships can be achieved where individual components inter-communicate and maintain their functionality performance. But without the proper expertise, tools, and methodologies, organizations risk meeting their systems integration goals. 

OTM Labs’ know-how helps clients follow a secure, best path to IT-driven business agility. We rely on proprietary methodologies, standardized tools, expert consultants and a best practices database assembled from years of experience to integrate existing systems and develop and/or implement new enterprise applications. Our systems life cycle approach—encompassing strategic planning, project management, development, implementation and ongoing systems support—provides you with lasting value. 

OTM Labs’ Systems Integration services include detailed design, implementation, and management services that link applications with one another and with your existing or planned IT infrastructure. Our integration experts help you integrate company-specific solutions with both SAP and non-SAP solutions. OTM has solid expertise using tools / techniques such as EDI, ALE, SAP BAPI, SAP RFC (aRFC, tRFC, bgRFC and qRFC), SFTP, SOAP and REST. We have worked extensively with 3rd party partners such as Seeburger in integrating various SAP applications with the other SAP and Non-SAP applications (including but not limited to 3PL/ 4PL service providers) across the Geography.